Conclusive Proof that God exists and the Bible is True!

Save yourself
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Get the truth about God, life, death and the hereafter.

Find out the true meaning of life and how to have greater strength, inner peace, confidence, joy, security, and purpose in your life... and get the scientific, logical and conclusive proof that God exists and the Bible is true.

Why Are We Here? will give you the answers you need to present and defend biblical values to family, friends and co-workers... and to increase your own knowledge, understanding and wisdom.

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"This is a very important book that is greatly needed at this time. I agree that the Bible should be the ultimate resource for life and living and that the world could greatly benefit from being logically and scientifically shown that this is true."
Mark Victor Hansen, Co-author, New York Times #1 Best-Selling "Chicken Soup For The Soul" series

"Dennis Marcellino has the answer. Actually, with an education that ranges from science and engineering to theology and psychology, Marcellino has many answers. But in his new book, Why Are We Here?, he chooses to answer the one question that has puzzled intellectuals for centuries."
Laura Gunderson, Clackamas Review

"Why are We Here? is a book for everyone. Have you ever wondered what Christians actually believe? Dennis Marcellino has written a well organized account of why we are here. Marcellino, who has a wide range of education, has written an organized account with out being overly scientific or overly pushy with his personal beliefs. Interestingly enough, it is his musical abilities that you would most likely know him for, having belonged to the Tokens who had the hit, "The Lion Sleeps Tonight." I highly recommend "WHY WE ARE HERE?" to Christians and "Non-Christians" alike. Christians will have an organized account of what they believe and why. Others will have an account of what Christians believe and why. " – Deven Vasko of Betsie's Literary Page

"Why Are We Here? answered all my questions, and is written in a very informative, "down to earth," manner. It is wonderful! It is one of the most helpful books I've ever read. I Love It! – Ann, Ohio

"This book really does answer the question
'What is the meaning of life?' " – Mark Stefani, Vision Reviews

"I highly recommend Why Are We Here? as
a must book for anyone's library." – Tony Trupiano, Talk Show Host, Talk America Radio Network

"In using science to explore what is usually an emotionally charged subject, Marcellino provides a strong fact-based philosophical approach which is
compelling." – Diane Donovan, The Philosopher's Bookshelf, The Midwest Book Review

"Why Are We Here? is the scientific answer to an age-old question and readers don't need to be a scientist or philosopher to understand... Why Are We Here? is
engaging reading and a highly recommended addition to any philosophy and theological reading list surveying the general questions related to the meaning of life." – James A. Cox, Internet Bookwatch

"You get an awful lot of research, thought, work and wisdom condensed into this one book. It's not a sloppy nor sentimental work but a
rigorous and joyous proof... All this for $14.50...that's hard to beat!" – Dave Kirby, Book Bit, WTBF-FM, Troy, Alabama

Amazon 5-Star Review: Extraordinarily lucid analysis of the Christian thesis: "The writer explains and proves the existance of God using logic and faith... his brilliant intelligence and perseverance in helping the reader conquers all his limitations. It is one of the best Christian books I have ever read."Owen N. Martinez, Leader, Cursillos of Christianity Movement, Deltona, FL

"Why Are We Here? was a
fun book and very easy to read. It was very enjoyable and a great read for me." – Nancy London, host/producer, WXCI-FM, Western Connecticut State University

"Dennis Marcellino is such a
prolific writer and thinker." – Susan Filkins, Rose Sparrows Literary Agency, N.Y.

A wonderful book! The author marries his science/engineering background with his cultural/ musician experiences. This book is an A to Z about life....a sequential journey starting with the origins issue, all the way through to the end of life and beyond. You should buy 10 copies and give them to your family, friends, people in your church and co-workers!" – Steve Carr, Talk Show Host for "Destiny", WYLL, Chicago

"Dennis has a very interesting...
a VERY interesting story to tell!" – Joe Galuski, WSYR, Syracuse, NY

A note from the author:

My name is Dennis Marcellino and I'm the author of Why Are We Here? Before coming to believe in the Bible and becoming a Christian, I had deeply delved into 22 different approaches to psychology, spirituality, new age and lifestyle (including being a member of some of the top name secular music groups in the world)… but to no avail. Not until after 14 years of this kind of searching and experience did I gain a power, peace, high purpose and deep fulfillment in my heart through learning the deeper things of Christianity (which I present in my book... some of which are all but missing from modern Christianity).

For only $14.50, Why Are We Here? is a book that will take your faith more from “believing” into “knowing”.

How does it do this? It gives
the greatest proofs ever assembled (including new ones) from science, logic and experience that God exists and the Bible is all true. Plus it gives simple, logical understandings of:

(1) God’s motive for making humanity;

(2) God’s solution to the problem that arises from free will;

(3) the development of God’s plan to enact that solution throughout human history; and

(4) the optimum way to run our lives while we are here… on this relatively tiny ball in the middle of an unfathomably large universe… where we just appeared in a human body at one point… and from where we will not be able to stop our departure.

In fact, the scientific and logical proofs in this book are irrefutable (as has been proven in debates with top atheistic scholars). Yet, they are presented simply and are easy to understand.

Here are some of the other benefits you can get from Why Are We Here?

• Have you been praying for people in your life to come to God but have a hard time knowing what to say to them?

Get proofs and convincing arguments.

• In discussions about life and religion do people say things that you can’t come up with proofs and convincing arguments against?

• Do you have friends, relatives, or co-workers who argue against God or who are lukewarm about God, and you feel awkward or ill-equipped to present and defend God to them?

• Do you feel that the kingdom of God is better than what the mainstream or any other lifestyle is offering but don’t know how to prove or argue that?

Immunize yourself against false claims of the media.

• Does what goes on in the mainstream media and the world challenge your faith about God and what is in the Bible?

• Would you like to have ways to show that the existence of God and the truthfulness of the Bible are scientifically provable?

Get simple proofs of God to tell those who don't believe.

• Would you like to be able to convince people that Christianity is the ultimate way of life in simple terms and without having to quote the Bible or what someone else said?

• Would you like to be able to explain how Christianity has great personal benefits and in fact holds THE cures for the problems that people have in life?

• Would you like to be able to answer Jesus’ call for all to be witnesses for God and a light in the world?

• Would you like to be able to know and do all of the above first hand… coming just from you, in your own words, without you having to quote anyone?

Learn an easy and effective way to study the Bible.

• Do you know that the Bible is the greatest problem-solving manual on the planet?

Given that it provably is, a thorough knowledge of Scripture is essential.Therefore, this book shows you how to quickly know the essential Christian skill of how to study the Bible. It also shows you how to develop the other essential Christian skill of being able to hear the Holy Spirit in every moment.

You get answers to all of the above, plus so much more in Why Are We Here?…and all for just $14.50.

I urge you to respond to this opportunity. Amidst this world that has far too much hype and insincere commercialism, this book will give you answers to the ultimate questions of life.


Author of Why Are We Here?

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