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Why is Americans For Biblical Values needed... amidst many other political action groups? Although we are in agreement with many other groups, those groups are primarily aimed at leading people towards action in terms of voting and protesting and getting petitions signed so as to create new laws and have the right kind of people elected. Americans For Biblical Values is mainly focused on the media and educating, persuading and inspiring the minds and hearts of Americans. It is aimed at educating people in THE truth (which I've proven in my book, Why Are We Here?, to be contained in the Bible). I also prove how the Bible contains the optimum ways to function in harmony with our true nature and God’s great design and plan here. Another purpose AFBV is to give those understandings a voice in the public forums… expressing the heartfelt desires of its members to want to do something to correct the wrongs in this society. “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good people to do nothing.” (British politician, Edmund Burke.) We, with the help of our members, are working hard to do something…we just aren’t going to stand by and continue to watch “the triumph of evil”.

About Us:
Americans for Biblical Values is an inter-faith, nondenominational organization to restore biblical values in our personal lives, families and nation.

It does this by
providing facts and solid reason and arguments that God really does exist, and the Bible is true and has the greatest wisdom to run our own personal lives and also society.

Many people understand that the Bible contains the greatest wisdom about life, death, God and the hereafter including the true meaning of life. And those people often try to share those values with their family, friends and co-workers.

The purpose of Americans for Biblical Values is to be an active voice in the public forum for Biblical values and also to equip individuals to spread the basic truths about God and the Bible in their lives... To give clear, objective answers based on the proven truth... asking no one to believe anything, but only to open-mindedly consider the facts.

Our purposes are:
(1) To legitimize God and the Bible intellectually in the mainstream society because that is a necessary foundation for accepting what the Bible says. We do that through Dennis' speech and upcoming TV series, "10 Conclusive Proofs That God Exists And The Bible Is True."

(2)To make the Bible’s wisdom known through press releases, articles, speeches and media interviews giving the Biblical answers to both the personal and societal problems of today, showing how historically, societies that pattern themselves after Biblical values have much better social statistics.

(3) To educate people who don’t understand these values

(4) To give people tools to be able to actively spread these truths in their own personal circles and also into the mainstream

(5) To give a united voice to people who would like to influence the society with these values

What makes Americans for Biblical Values unique is that instead of just stating Biblical values in the mainstream (as most groups often just do), it bridges a needy gap by explaining WHY these are the best approaches to the problems of our society and individual lives. And we give those explanations not in esoteric religious terms, but in simple, objective language and backed by science.

Because Biblical values are objectively true they stand on their own merit and find resonance among many religions and political affiliations. Therefore, all who recognize the value of Biblical principles and the tremendous importance and need to educate people and society about them, are welcome to join in our cause.

©2008 Lighthouse Publishing

How (and why) Liberals Have Been Hurting Our Country… and what we can do about it
(by an EX liberal, and a former member of: Sly & The Family Stone, The Elvin Bishop Group and The Tokens, famous for “The Lion Sleeps Tonight”)

Dennis Marcellino is also the author of Why Are We Here? (The Scientific Answer To This Age Old Question … that you don’t need to be a scientist to understand), Sweeping It Under The Drug, and Addiction Free Forever. He has backgrounds in engineering, psychology, theology, philosophy and has an internationally best selling CD under his name.

This speech shows:
• A perfect, logical argument as to why, in the clash of freedoms in our culture, conservative values should prevail over liberal ones in determining our laws.
• How liberals, who see themselves as defenders of nature, actually invalidate that view by promoting causes that are very anti-nature (e.g. abortion, homosexuality, single parenting, etc.) and WHY they are motivated to promote dysfunction.
• Why, in order to be able to make the case for instituting God’s ways as laws, we need to be able to scientifically and logically prove that God exists and the Bible is all true and the ways in the Bible are the best ones available for basing our laws on. This PROOF comes through Dennis’ “10 Conclusive Proofs That God Exists And The Bible Is True”.
• How the government’s laws and policies contribute to either success or failure in “The Pursuit Of Happiness”, and how happiness has declined under liberalism.
• Comparisons of social statistics of years under liberalism and under conservatism.
• Comparison of the emotional and spiritual health of people under liberalism and conservatism as expressed in the entertainment of those years.
How in order to understand the best way to approach politics, it is good to see that we aren’t in a vacuum but in a larger cosmic setting and to understand that “Ultimate Perspective”.
• New information that will inspire and motivate people to work harder for the upcoming elections.
• Show how history and science are on the side of Biblical influence in politics.
• How happiness and peace are inescapably God’s domain.
• A brief view of Dennis’ history of delving into 20 other approaches to lifestyle, truth and problem solving before discovering (25 years ago) Christianity as the peak of truth and solutions for life and how that discovery happened.
• The Paradox of Freedom and how liberals are engaged in Freedom Addiction.
• How the liberal mentality is ruining American society (especially the black communities and the institution of family) under the false guises of compassion and freedom, and why it’s more compassionate to be against the homosexual lifestyle than to be for it or neutral about it.
• Why we all should be motivated to contribute to the cause of conservatism, and how we can be.

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